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Darkness Before Dawn - Book 3

Genre: Crime Spy - Published By: - Thu Nov 01 2018 - 437 Pages.    

Darkness Before Dawn - Book 3 - Price: €3.99

When the “NeoHacker” group in Berlin discover top-secret information about Anton Ibsen, the virtual agent of the BND (German Intelligence services), the department chief, Moritz, orders them to be hunted down and terminated.Ethan Harris is back in Berlin investigating Andreas Keller, a former neo-Nazi with a history of violence. Meanwhile, Ethan’s girlfriend, Amy Knight, remains behind in London, in therapy, to help uncover the dark secrets from her past. Ethan finds links between the NeoHacker killings and the Keller case, and Amy joins him to help progress the investigation. They travel to Prague and Warsaw and back to Berlin following the trail of Keller.Meanwhile, Anton Ibsen employs all the technology at his disposal to create a political protégé and supports his rise in power by use of social media and UberKon, the population control software.It’s a hunt for the truth in the sea of lies in Berlin, and Ethan and Amy are pursued by BND agents as they try to uncover the secrets in the dark underbelly of German intelligence. It’s a voyage of discovery which has disastrous consequences for them on a personal basis.

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