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About Frank Daly

Frank Daly divides his time between writing and business intelligence consultancy. He lives and works in Dublin, but he also spends four months each year writing in Berlin. He has written five novels, and his new book, "Revenge" was published in Nov 2019. All books are available on this site and also Amazon, Google, Kobo and Apple.

The Harris/Knight spy crime series:
1. The House Always Wins – Book 1 (free, when you join the email list)
2. The New Frontier – Book 2
3. Darkness Before Dawn – Book 3
4. Departure and Return - Book 4 (in development)

Urban Tales short story series:
1. Stanley’s Last Trip and Other Stories – Volume 1

Suburban Vigilantes crime series: (Nov 2019)
1. Revenge: The Fall of Louis Turner - Book 1

Why Buy on FrankDalyBooks.com?

Apart from wanting to read the eBooks available here, why buy on FrankDalyBooks.com?
Many good reasons:
  • 1. Engagement: - This site offers you the opportunity to have direct contact with me and to send feedback on the stories. It also allows me keep you informed about special offers, free books and allows subscribed readers get the new books prior to publication on Amazon, Google,Kobo and Apple.
  • 2. Ownership: - You own the copies of the eBooks you buy, so after you’ve read them you can lend them to a friend, but they are still copyright FrankDaly.com, so please dont post them on the web or upload to a file sharing site. All the eBooks are free of Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption (unlike Amazon/Google/Kobo which may or may not have DRM).
  • 3. All Formats: - The eBooks are available in all popular formats: MOBI (for Kindle), EPUB for Apple Books, Kobo and Google Play Books, and PDF for universal reading.
  • 4. Price: - The price is the same as Amazon, Google, Apple and Kobo, but there is no advertising on the site and your data is not going to be shared or used by many unknown data marketing companies.
  • 5. Minimalist: - It’s a totally minimalist e-Commerce site. Other than your email address (for delivery), and your credit card number (for payment) we don’t gather any other information. eBook distribution is handled by SendOwl and credit card processing is handled by Stripe.
  • 6. Privacy: - There’s no Login, Registration or User account. We don’t hold any your financial data (Stripe requests your card info in order to pay but that’s it) or personal data so there’s nothing to be hacked. You can buy an eBook here and we wont tell anyone. Honestly.
  • 7. Small Vs Big: - You’re supporting a small digital book store in a world dominated by massive e-Commerce Superstores.
The eBooks are also available on Amazon and that's also where you can get the paperback versions too, but the Short Stories and the Box Set are only available here. If you would like to provide feedback, please email us using the contact details below. Also please share links to this site on social media, every review counts...